The Lifestyle Medicine Global Alliance (LMGA) represents the convergence of national Lifestyle Medicine professional associations from around the world, uniting under one banner for the purpose of collaboration, shared knowledge and best practices, and to more compellingly convey the power of the lifestyle medicine story—a story of health, hope and healing for one and all. Lifestyle Medicine leaders of all nations are working together to decrease the global pandemic of non-communicable disease.



A world without non-communicable disease.


LMGA seeks to unite national Lifestyle Medicine medical professional associations from around the world, with the goal of reining in the alarming rise in global obesity and lifestyle-related chronic disease trends. Identifying and eradicating the cause of disease is our mission.


LMGA was initiated by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) in 2015 in response to the increasing need for Lifestyle Medicine solutions in low and middle income countries and for communication and coordination between Lifestyle Medicine medical professional organizations around the world.

LMGA is taking the lead in uniting the national Lifestyle Medicine sister organizations that are now present on virtually every continent, creating cohesiveness, enabling global sharing of best practices and educational resources, leveraging public relations efforts, and developing opportunities for synergistic collaboration. In the knowledge and belief that Lifestyle Medicine offers affordable, sustainable solutions to the global pandemic of non-communicable disease, LMGA is committed to championing the cause around the world.


Agnese Lapsa-Lešinske, BSc (Econ)

Executive Director, LMGA



Governing Committee

N. Margarete Ezinwa, MD, MPH

Founding Director, Lifestyle Medicine Global Alliance

Dr. Ezinwa received her medical degree from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, before completing residency training in Family Medicine at Franklin Square, and Preventive Medicine at Johns Hopkins including fellowships at the World Health Organization, and the National Institute of Health.

Currently, as Assistant Professor at Loma Linda University, she combines her passions for assisting patients in lifestyle change and teaching the next generation of physicians equitable global-local and lifestyle medicine.

She was the founding director of the World Lifestyle Medicine Council (formally Lifestyle Medicine Global Alliance). Now serving as Chief Medical Officer she brings her skills and enthusiasm in working towards the eradication of non-communicable disease through global collaboration and partnerships promoting simple sustainable lifestyle change.

Recognized for her expertise in bringing lifestyle medicine to underserved populations Dr. Ezinwa has been invited to speak in over 10 countries, on 5 continents regarding lifestyle medicine, global health, equity and leadership.

Rob Lawson, FRCGP, DipIBLM

Chairman, British Society of Lifestyle Medicine

Having qualified in Medicine in 1975, Rob has gained extensive experience as a GP in Scotland. His principal interests have been primary and secondary prevention of disease and the specialty of Lifestyle Medicine. In 1991 he founded a charity providing weekly activity and support in venues around East Lothian for sufferers of long term conditions including heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, stroke, lung disease and frailty. He has retired from NHS practice to concentrate on the applications of Lifestyle Medicine to healthcare. In 2016 he co-founded the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine. He is currently its Chairman and is President of the European Lifestyle Medicine Council.


Stephen Penman, MAppSc(Res), GC(Tert Teach Learn), DipIBLM

Executive Director, Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine

Stephen Penman is Executive Director of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM) and the Lifestyle Medicine Foundation. He is also the founder of Open Health, a social enterprise developing a world first online comprehensive lifestyle change program. Previously, Stephen was CEO of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM) from 2008 to 2013. Prior to that between 2004 and 2008, while a Masters by Research candidate at RMIT University, Stephen conducted the widely regarded ‘Yoga in Australia’ study, assisted with research into the attitudes of General Practitioners and Nurses to complementary therapies and was also appointed inaugural Course Co-ordinator of ‘Wellness, Health Enhancement and Lifestyle Management’, an online course he delivered for three years both as an undergraduate elective and as a core unit in the Master of Wellness at RMIT. During this time he also served as Vice President and then President of Yoga Australia. Earlier in his career, Stephen was Financial Controller of an intellectual property licensing company. He brings a strong business, financial management and information technology background, academic credentials in research, online teaching/learning, and Lifestyle Medicine, and a passion for innovation in health and wellbeing to ASLM.

Stephan Herzog

Executive Director, American and International Board of Lifestyle Medicine (ABLM & IBLM)

Stephan is a business professional who was born and raised in Switzerland and spent most of his professional career working for large multi-nationals in Australia, Europe and the US. Most recently he orchestrated the revamping and commercialization of the most successful intensive therapeutic lifestyle change program (CHIP). At Lifestyle Medical (LMS), a group of primary care clinics based on lifestyle medicine in California, Stephan led the charge of reproducing the business model for expansion across the US with a view to change the way primary care is performed. As Executive Director of the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine, he spearheaded the development and implementation of the first certification in lifestyle medicine for physicians and PhD/Masters level health professionals, and as Executive Director of the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine he is leading the expansion and syndication of lifestyle medicine certifications across the world. He is passionate about being a walking talking example of optimal health and motivating others to be the best they can be.

Susan Benigas

Executive Director, American College of Lifestyle Medicine

Co-founder, The Plantrician Project & International Plant-based Nutrition Healthcare Conference

Susan Benigas has served as the executive director of American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) since 2015. Her background includes running political campaigns and serving in executive, senior management and consultant roles for organizations ranging from professional sports and media to healthcare technology and worksite health promotion. It was while president of a worksite health promotion company that she had the paradigm-shift leading to her life’s passion: She questioned the status quo approach to “wellness”— all too often to diagnose and medicate—as opposed to a primary focus on identifying and eradicating the cause of disease.

Prior to joining ACLM, Susan founded the not-for-profit The Plantrician Project and co-founded the International Plant-based Nutrition Healthcare Conference, showcasing the efficacy of whole food, plant-based nutrition in its ability to prevent, suspend and often even reverse much of the chronic, degenerative disease pervasive in the U.S. and in many countries around the world.  She serves on the board of directors for the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine and the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.