Past Events and Updates

British Society of Lifestyle Medicine Conference
June 21-22
Cardiff, UK

More than 400 delegates attended the third annual British Society of Lifestyle Medicine Conference in Cardiff in June.

The two-day conference in the Welsh capital was an opportunity to celebrate the “art and science of healthy longevity’ with a packed itinerary of lifestyle medicine speakers educating and entertaining members and guests. Experts included Professor Peter Elwood, creator of the influential Caerphilly cohort study which has resulted in over 400 lifestyle-related scientific publications since 1979.

The society received a major boost with the announcement that Olympic gold medalist Dame Kelly Holmes will be its new #1change ambassador. BSLM’s #1change campaign was launched at last year’s conference in Edinburgh and aims to encourage people to make healthy lifestyle choices #1change at a time. Dame Kelly spoke to the conference via video link about the important connection between physical activity and mental health.

BSLM founder and chairman Rob Lawson said: “Our conference and the society continue to grow in ways we never could have imagined at the outset. Lifestyle medicine is now mainstream and its potential is being realised by doctors and health professionals across the UK. It was inspiring to hear about their work as well as the growing body of evidence in support of lifestyle medicine approaches. By creating opportunities for open and honest debate about lifestyle medicine, the conference offered a friendly and constructive platform to tackle some of the key issues at the heart of our movement right now.”

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Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine Conference
June 7-9
Auckland, New Zealand

With the overarching theme of ‘Innovation and Intervention, Environment and Equity’, the fourth international conference on Lifestyle Medicine in science, health policy and clinical practice to be held in Australasia (and the first of its kind to be held in New Zealand!) was a roaring success.

Approximately 430 delegates converged in Auckland, Aotearoa, to explore contemporary topics in Lifestyle Medicine, including:

  • Reversing type 2 diabetes, overweight, risk factors and metabolic dysfunction
  • Microbiome and health tech: Emerging science, innovation and application
  • Mental health: Mood disorders, emotional wellbeing and more

Transforming Health & Health Care Through Lifestyle Medicine

April 21 – 25

Seoul, South Korea

This marks the third annual Asian Society of Lifestyle Medicine conference, serving to unite  Asian countries that have or are establishing Lifestyle Medicine medical professional associations.

Lifestyle Medicine: Theory & Practice
April 11 – 12
Kaunas, Lithuania
Lithuania champions the field of Lifestyle Medicine, hosts 5th Annual International Congress and fills the void in Lifestyle Medicine education with first IBLM Lifestyle Medicine Certification exam

The Lithuanian Lifestyle Medicine Association, led by President Egle Mineviciene, MD, hosted its 5th annual Lifestyle Medicine Congress in Kaunas, Lithuania on April 11, 2019.  ACLM Founding Member and Advisory Board Member Hans Diehl, Dr HSc, MPH, presented, along with Drs. Maselli and Lawson, from Italy and UK, along with ACLM’s Susan Benigas, and an outstanding line-up of Lifestyle Medicine and global health experts.

Co-sponsoring the event was Kaunas University, where the first-ever master’s program in Lifestyle Medicine is offered in the School of Public Health, presided over by Dean Ramune Kalediene, MD, with Tomas Vaiciunas, PhD directing the fast-growing master’s program.

Polish Society of Lifestyle Medicine debuts and hosts inaugural Lifestyle Medicine International Congress
April 13 – 14
Warsaw, Poland

Alicja Baska, completing her sixth year of med school at the Medical University of Warsaw in June, and Dr. Daniel Sliz, Assistant Professor in the Medical University of Warsaw 3rd Department of Internal Medicine and Cardiology, are two of the eight co-founders of the new Polish Society of Lifestyle Medicine. April 13-14 marked the inaugural Lifestyle Medicine International Congress, hosted in Warsaw by Poland’s new Lifestyle Medicine medical professional society.
Nearly 500 attendees gathered to hear presenters that included Dr. Rob Lawson, founding president of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine, Dr. Luigi Maselli, founding president of the Mediterranean Society of Lifestyle Medicine, and Susan Benigas, executive director of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

American College of Lifestyle Medicine October 2018 Annual Conference 

Thank you to our international attendees who joined us in Indianapolis, Indiana for Lifestyle Medicine 2018, Real Healthcare Reform. Nearly 100, representing 35 countries, were part of nearly 1,200 conference registrants.

ACLM hosted a special Lifestyle Medicine Global Alliance dinner at their LM2018 conference, please find attached a PDF of the highlights publication that was distributed at the LMGA dinner meeting.  In addition,  regional highlights from around the globe were shared from the main stage, and a special informational breakfast was held to allow participants from around the globe to connect.

Italian Lifestyle Medicine Association July 2018 Updates

Dr. Luigi J. Maselli, President of the Italian Lifestyle Medicine Association taught an inaugural Lifestyle Medicine Course at the University of Bari Aldo Moro. The students were so inspired by the course, they wrote this Letter of Thanks.

Latin American Lifestyle Medicine Association June 2018 Updates

LALMA – Montemorelos University Workshop:  Lifestyle Medicine: an answer to the medical education of the future. 

A roundtable at  AMFEM Congress in Mexico on 14 June, 2018. With discussion from Jhony Alberto De La Cruz, Wayne Dysinger, Héctor Daniel Murillo, Maria Luis Balli, Lujhon Guillermo Florez, Fabio Cesar Dos Santos, Eddie Phillips.

The workshop was held in Mexico, had full capacity, with more than 40 directors and deans of faculties and medical schools in Mexico and Latin America attended the course: Lifestyle Medicine in the Medical Curriculum.

On May 31st we had our first Webinar: Lifestyle Medicine and Physical Activity, done in partnership with the University of Fresno, Public Health. The webinar was a success with more than 60 Latin American centers who connected and participated in the webinars. The evaluation of the webinars at the end was good and very good by the attendees.

The second webinars of Lifestyle Medicine and Healthy Food, was held on June 20th, 2018.

African Lifestyle Medicine Association June 2018 Updates

1. The first international LSMConference in Africa was held August 5-7, 2017. Abuja, Nigeria co-hosted by the Lifestyle Medicine Practitioners Association of Nigeria and the Brookfield Centre for Lifestyle Medicine, Abuja.
2. The newly formed African Lifestyle Medicine Association ALMA, is on a membership drive.  All healthcare professionals in Africa as well as Africans in the diaspora, interested in being foundation members, joining forces with the core team,  to please contact the Lead Physician, Dr Ifeoma Monye, by email at, for further details.
3. The 2nd international LSM conference in Africa is gearing up to hold early 2019.

Inaugural event and symposium for the first State Brazilian Academic League of Functional  Health and Lifestyle Medicine – LASFEV UNIFACS – May 2018

The first State Brazilian Academic League of Functional Health and Lifestyle Medicine (LASFEV UNIFACS) had its first symposium that took place in Salvador, the state of Bahia on May 26th, 2018. Addressing the theme “Alzheimer’s: an integrative vision,” medical students (President Caio Marcos, Vice President Herbert Santana, Scientific Director Pedro Moraes, Communication Director Lucas Tito, Extension Director Thales Vinícius, the Founding Members Camilla Santiago, Patrícia Vieira and the Member Deisiane Costa),  supported by Doctors, Nutritionists and Pharmacists, among them:  League Academic Advisor – Dr. Ítalo Almeida M.D.,  Dr. Felipe Oliveira M.D. Ph.D., the nutritionist Rosângela Passos CNS., and the pharmacist Vitor Moreau Ph.D. explored how lifestyle changes are essential for Alzheimer’s prevention and disease management.

The creation of a National League – LINASFEV –  whose function is to guide and support the State Leagues – LASFEVs – came from the idea of Dr. Fabio dos Santos M.D., the Founder President of the ABRASFEV at the time, to create an academic league for health students, not only medical students.

The launch of LINASFEV (President Dr. Ívia Magalhães M.D., Vice President Lucas Freires, Scientific Director Dr. Yuri Baranhuk M.D. and Bruno Lima Marketing Director) during the IV Lifestyle Summit in São Paulo – November 2017, whose purposes are not only to introduce health students to the field, but to put them to participate actively, either in scientific production or community interaction, creates positive expectations for the further development of Lifestyle Medicine in Brazil.

The 3rd Food as Medicine Conference in Poland on May 19, 2018

The 3rd edition of the conference was held on May 19, 2018. Organized by International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations IFMSA-Poland Warsaw and Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group based at Medical University of Warsaw addressing primarily future and graduate doctors. The conference highlights the importance of nutrition education within this group of health professionals filling up the gap in medical education curricula.
The event is open also to other medical degrees such as dietetics, public health, physiotherapy or dentistry.

The Conference consists of two parts: expert lectures focusing on the role of nutrition in prevention and treatment of different diseases and “Evidence-Based Lifestyle Medicine” session prepared by LMIG students being a series of presentations summarising the most recent and meaningful research in the LM field.

British Society of Lifestyle Medicine Nutrition by the Experts 31 May 2018  

An event for healthcare professionals and students interested in nutrition delivered by some of the leading experts in nutrition hosted by the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine at the University College London. Leading experts including Professor Bruce Griffin, Dr Tony Goldstone, Dr Nichola Guess RD, Martin MacDonald RNutr, Jenny Rosborough RNutr and Dr Eirini Dimidi RD who will be presenting on a range of topics including “good fats, bad fats”, Myth busting, microbiome, sugar addiction, low carb v low fat diets, public health nutrition and the “best diet” for weight loss.

Report from the fifth conference of the Israeli society of Lifestyle Medicine in April 2018

The fifth conference of the Israeli society of Lifestyle medicine took place in April 2018 and achieved great success. The theme of this year’s conference dealt with the uniqueness of lifestyle and gender. We received an overview on the unique approach to lifestyle by gender and in more detail, we discussed smoking cessation and gender-based obesity treatment. The conference held workshops on healthy sexuality and menopause, physical activity to prevent osteoporosis, motivational tools for the management of obesity and tools to help patients to quit smoking.
A free, interactive system was introduced to help with lifestyle changes needed in diabetic patients and we received updates of last year publications in world literature on physical activity, obesity, and smoking.
The conference was accompanied by activities such as a morning run, muscle strengthening activities, yoga and more. During breaks, we enjoyed healthy food in the best tradition of the Mediterranean diet.
About 100 family physicians attended the conference. The family doctors and their family members were invited to join the sports activities and the Beatles songs evening event.

The conference was very successful and the participant’s reflections were most positive.

At the conference, a prize was given to the outgoing chairman of the Association of Family Physicians, Prof. Shlomo Vinker, for his tremendous support for the establishment and activities of the Israeli society of LM.

We are pleased with the privilege to promote education and raise awareness to the importance of lifestyle in the framework of primary care and in general.

Asian Society of Lifestyle Medicine May 2018 Updates

  1. May 4, 2018–Manila, Philippine’s —-137 participants joined the 2nd Asian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM) in Manila, Philippines, early Feb, 2018, president Johann Manez passed the leadership baton to Jenny Lee. Of the 21 individuals taking the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine (IBLM) certifying examinations, ASLM congratulates the 15 physicians and 2 health professionals who passed and have become new diplomates of IBLM. Future IBLM exams will be available in Chinese and Korean.
  2. China Society of Lifestyle Medicine (CSLM) has been established April, 2018 to serve all Chinese in Greater China: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macau.  James Wu, ASLM’s founding president and Xin Ma, ASLM’s Research director are two of the five founding members.  CSLM is now working with ASLM on a strategic alliance agreement which will solidify the membership fee sharing and exclusive examination representation as well as define the partnership between the 2 organizations which may become a pattern for ASLM & the other country LM associations.
  3.  Asian Society of Lifestyle Medicine, ASLM’s Singapore country representative, Peter Ting will be guest editor of a magazine focusing on Lifestyle Medicine which is going to all 7000+ physicians in Singapore in June, 2018.  George Guthrie is author of one of the 6 articles on LM in this magazine, which Ting & friends are sponsoring for USD7000.
  4.  Asian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM) had its 1st executive committee meeting on Zoom late Feb., 2018, under Jenny Lee, the new President, with 17 founding members and country representatives who represent over 120 members in this fledgling organization including Taiwan, Philippines, Korea, India, Japan, China, Malaysia, as well as Indonesia , Hong Kong, and new representatives from Nepal, Sri Lanka, Oman, Kuwait, UAE, Singapore & Thailand. 

Lithuanian Society of Lifestyle Medicine April 2018 Updates

    1. With the support of John Kelly, his wife Sally Kelly (USA) and Brenda Device (Canada), in the beautiful Lithuanian resort  Druskininkais surrounding by green clean forests the first in Lithuania and EU course of  LM clinical practical  use was organized and realized. Read more here: Lithuanian Society of LM Report 2018
    1. Two special Lifestyle Medicine events took place in the capital of Lithuania Vilnius, in the Parliament (Seimas) of the Republic of Lithuania. A press conference dedicated to the problem of clinical practical use of Lifestyle Medicine was organized here, which included discussion with our guests from Europe, America, Asia and Africa continents. Following this event, a scientific-practical Lifestyle Medicine conference for politicians and the public was organized in Parliament.
  1. All three universities of the Lithuania Republic educating  health professionals also showed great attention to the Lifestyle Medicine and organized special international conferences. One of these universities has already begun to train Lifestyle Medicine specialists. The other two are actively developing Lifestyle Medicine study curriculums.

 We have in our plans to repeat similar events in May of 2019.

First National Lifestyle Medicine Congress in Poland April 21-22nd, 2018

On April 21-22nd, 2018, Medical University of Warsaw’s 3rd Department of Internal Medicine & Cardiology and Lifestyle Medicine Scientific Club established within, in cooperation with Department of Social Medicine and Public Health, held the 1st National Lifestyle Medicine Congress.

The multidisciplinary event gathered over 350 participants – students of medical universities from all over Poland, health professionals ia. doctors, nutritionists, physiotherapists, public health specialists as well as patients.

Importance of healthy lifestyle in prevention and treatment as well as possibilities of implementing lifestyle interventions to the healthcare and medical education systems in Poland were widely discussed by a group of almost 40 guest speakers – Medical University of Warsaw, Centre of Postgraduate Medical Education, Medical University of Łódź, Medical University of Silesia or Lithuanian University of Health Sciences specialists.

Part of the Congress – poster session – included over 20 works.

The Congress was inaugurated by prof. Artur Mamcarz, MD, PhD – Chief of the 3rd Department of Internal Medicine&Cardiology. Opening speech was given by President of the Congress’ Scientific Committee: Daniel Śliż, MD, PhD. The next lectures were grouped in blocks: public health, physical activity, nutrition and telemedicine.

Some of the participants chose to finish a conference day by implementing theory in practice and participating in fitness class organized by representative of Exercise is Medicine Polska.

On the second day, the lecture blocks addressing health professionals and students were continued accordingly: mental health, environmental pollutions, vaccines. At the same time, non-professionals: patients and their families had a chance to participate in a series of practical lectures called ‘A Patient’s Day’ devoted to a role of different components of lifestyle in health maintenance and improvement.

The official closing of the Congress had a form of a panel discussion moderated by Daniel Śliż, MD, PhD. The panel experts: prof. Andrzej Radzikowski, MD, PhD, Marcin Grabowski, MD, PhD, Jarosław Pinkas MD, PhD, Zbigniew Kowalski and att. Oskar Luty representing different fields of medicine, governmental structures as well as experts on patient communication and medical law discussed future of lifestyle medicine in Poland – implementing LM into healthcare and medical education systems.

Participants had also a possibility to attend workshops on: culinary medicine, prescribing physical activity, communication with patient and quitting smoking.

The events Honorary Patrons included: Ministry of Health, Ministry of Sport and Tourism, National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene, National Food&Nutrition Institute, Lifestyle Medicine Global Alliance, Lifestyle Medicine Education Collaborative, American College of Lifestyle Medicine, European Lifestyle Medicine Organization.

Scientific Committee: President – Daniel Śliż, MD, PhD, members: prof. Artur Mamcarz, MD, PhD, Aneta Nitsch-Osuch, MD, PhD, Marcin Wełnicki, MD, PhD, dr n. o zdr. Damian Parol, PhD, Wojciech Stefan Zgliczyński, PhD.

Organizing Committee: President: Alicja Baska, members: Kamila Borkowska, Piotr Długołęcki Adriana Durczak, Magdalena Goryszewska, Anita Grochowska, Katarzyna Gugała, Aleksandra Hyży, Aleksandra Karczemna, Magdalena Kicińska, Izabela Marzec, Julia Mazurek, Zuzanna Osica, Maria Sakwarelidze, Aleksandra Słokotowicz, Wiktoria Weimert, Izabela Wrzołek.

Lifestyle Medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine –Qatar

The Institute for Population Health (IPH) at Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar  (WCM-Q)  has been at the forefront of  raising awareness among health practitioners in the Middle East about the value of treating and preventing chronic diseases with lifestyle medicine.  Recently, the Institute developed a 50-hour Certificate in Clinical Nutrition  course,  which was  sold out on both the occasions it was offered.  An upcoming development is the delivery of an innovative Certificate in Lifestyle/ Integrative Medicine course.  Additionally, WCM-Q plans to hold discussions with local health and academic institutions about establishing a Consortium of Health Institutions in Lifestyle Medicine in the Middle East.