Society of Lifestyle Medicine of Nigeria

The Society of Lifestyle Medicine of Nigeria is the medical professional association in Nigeria, representing physicians, medical and healthcare professionals who are dedicated to the advancement and practice of Lifestyle Medicine as central to healthcare delivery. Founded in 2017, the first ever International Conference in Lifestyle Medicine in Africa was held in Abuja, Nigeria in August 2017.

Our members are drawn from a multidisciplinary health and medical background, coming together to foster the shared goals of sister organisations of Lifestyle Medicine in the promotion of the core principles of Lifestyle Medicine as key to the health and well-being of every citizen, as well as inform health policy in Nigeria.

Our main focus is in the promotion of healthy living and prevention of chronic non-communicable Lifestyle related illnesses through Lifestyle Medicine education, training , research,provision of healthcare to all and support to the healthcare providers and the public. Our goal is to use Lifestyle Medicine as the therapeutic intervention to prevent,treat, and even reverse the majority of chronic lifestyle related illnesses by addressing their underlying causes. We look forward to when living routinely to 100 years, in health and well-being, is the norm in the country.

SOLONg is established to actively develop Lifestyle Medicine in Nigeria and to encourage other African countries to establish societies, thereby entrenching Lifestyle Medicine as core to healthcare not only in Nigeria, but all across Africa. Accordingly, the founding members of SOLONg, have recently established the Africa Lifestyle Medicine Association, ALMA.

SOLONg welcomes membership from the region and beyond. We are delighted to be part of this global collaboration.


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