Lithuanian Society of Lifestyle Medicine

Lithuanian Society of Lifestyle Medicine is an independent, evidence-based, non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting Lifestyle as Medicine with honesty, transparency and integrity. Our members include lifestyle medicine specialists and students, physicians and other health care practitioners, public health specialists, educators, and researchers.

LLMA aims to:

  • Promote Lifestyle Medicine principles and knowledge among health care providers, policy makers and general public.
  • Work together with Lithuanian University of Health Sciences constantly increasing awareness of their Lifestyle Medicine Master’s program
  • Co-operate with other Lithuanian universities developing new programs and improving the existing ones so they fully meet the needs of the graduates as well as the society.
  • Advocate integration of the new profession of Lifestyle Medicine Specialist into Lithuanian health care system.
  • Provide continuing education and support to our members.
  • Collaborate with global Lifestyle Medicine organizations and community exchanging good practices.

We are delighted to be part of the global movement of Lifestyle Medicine.