Latin America Lifestyle Medicine Association


Latin American Lifestyle Medicine Association (LALMA) is the medical professional association representing physicians and medical professionals in the countries of Latin-American who are dedicated to the advancement and practice of Lifestyle Medicine used as a therapeutic intervention to prevent, treat, and even reverse the majority of chronic diseases by addressing their underlying causes.

We are delighted to be part of the global movement of Lifestyle Medicine.

The goals of the LALMA are to prevent lifestyle-related chronic diseases, improve the management of people affected by these diseases through professional education, research and implementation of behavior change strategies, and to develop guidelines, standards and policies that promote optimal patient care and health. We want to help to restore the physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual health of the people in Latin America.

LALMA provides representation, networking, education, training and support to doctors, allied health practitioners, public health professionals, researchers and educators in their practice of, and development in, Lifestyle Medicine. LALMA is responsible for the certification process in the countries of Latin America. We work to establish Lifestyle Medicine as central to medicine, healthcare and health policy, resulting in improved prevention, management and treatment of chronic and lifestyle-related conditions.

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