Korean College of Lifestyle Medicine

The Korean College of Lifestyle Medicine (KCLM) is a non-profit organization founded by multidisciplinary healthcare professionals and represents the Korean Chapter of the Asian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM), known as ASLM-South Korea. Also, KCLM is a partner of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, Australian Society of Lifestyle Medicine. KCLM is honored to be one of the ever-growing network of recognized sister organizations connected through the Lifestyle Medicine Global Alliance (LMGA), leveraging our collective commitment and dedication to advancing the global lifestyle medicine movement.

KCLM is established to foster the shared goals and primary focus of lifestyle medicine: to promote healthier lives and increase more positive health outcomes through life and health-giving lifestyle choices and salutary environments. KCLM is committed to built-out and carry-out of Lifestyle Medicine in Korea and advancing its mission by collaborating with interdisciplinary professionals and leaders from the diverse fields of medicine (western and eastern; basic and applied), public health/population health, nursing, dentistry, alliance health science, environment science, government, business, media, community, etc. KCLM is also focused on optimizing the enriched performances of data-driven lifestyle medicine strategies, such as the delivery of lifestyle medicine education services, researches, clinical practices, preventive and promoting services, mobilizing resources and tools, disseminating evidence, engaging the community, just to name a few.

The Korean and Korean-American health professionals and leaders from nine different organizations of the academy, health care system, government, and community are participating in KCLM.

Learn more here: http://lifestylemedicinekorea.org/