Israeli Lifestyle Medicine Society (ILMS)

The Israeli Lifestyle Medicine Society (ILMS) was founded by family physicians, as part of the Israel Association of Family Physicians in the Israeli Medical Association. It was established in order to promote a healthy lifestyle as a tool for increasing control of health and management of diseases.

Physicians have tremendous influence over their patients’ health behaviors. In order to encourage family physicians to lead a healthy lifestyle and influence their patients accordingly, the Society has established courses for residents and specialists in family medicine and has been an active participant in conferences held by the Israel Association of Family Medicine and around the world.

Thanks to the experience that has been acquired, the members of the committee, together with other experts, have created a syllabus for teaching lifestyle medicine, acknowledged by the Israeli Medical Association. This is a novelty since, up until now, an academic syllabus for teaching lifestyle medicine was unavailable.

Additional activities of the Society include:

• Physician’s health – developing a program designed to promote physicians’ health based on worldwide acquired knowledge, and suited for the needs of physicians in Israel.

• Training and creation of a supportive framework for family physicians that will become motivational interview trainers.

• Developing and leading trainings for “healthy lifestyle clinical coaches,” with the understanding that a professional clinical coach is required alongside the family physician.

• Leading research and publication of articles addressing the core domains of lifestyle medicine in the local and international scientific media.

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