Asian Society of Lifestyle Medicine


The Asian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM) was founded by 10 members of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) in 2014 who represented six countries in Asia. While three more countries joined ASLM in 2015, one founding member of Hong Kong recently moved to Taiwan and represents this country. ASLM serves as the umbrella organization to network the various regional country chapters that include: ASLM-Taiwan, ASLM-South Korea, ASLM-Philippines, ASLM-India, ASLM-Hong Kong, ASLM-Malaysia, ASLM-Indonesia, ASLM-United Arab Emirates, ASLM-China, and ASLM-Japan. ASLM is aligned with the visions of ACLM and LMGA (Lifestyle Medicine Global Alliance); and ASLM is committed to advancing the missions of lifestyle medicine that is to promote healthier lives of fellow human beings through fostering life and health-giving lifestyles and salutary environments. ASLM will continue to incorporate local bodies; we envision that members recruited will be active not only in the regions but also in ASLM, ACLM, LMGA, and the True Health Initiative. ASLM Logo shows our vision to join hands with all professionals interested in the philosophy of lifestyle medicine in Asia and dedicate our efforts to health promotion, disease prevention, and treatment/reverse among the Asian populations living in the most populous continent on the globe, through the principles and practice of lifestyle medicine.

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