Indian Society of Lifestyle Medicine Conference

Date: December 3-5, 2018
Venue: Bangalore, India

 We encourage you at this point to register for the upcoming Indian Society of Lifestyle Medicine Conference in Bangalore, India, this coming December 3-5, 2018. To register, please visit our official registration page: To see our exciting line up of speakers, click here.

For information on Hotel Bookings, please use the following details to contact the hotel:



Address           : Radisson blue Atria , No 1, Palace Road , Bangalore 560 001
Email               :
Telephone        : +917338686091

We are looking forward to meeting you all at the conference!

ACLM Lifestyle Medicine 2018: Real Health Care Reform

Date: October 21-24th, 2018

With 80% or more of U.S. healthcare spending tied to the treatment of conditions rooted in poor lifestyle choices, the time is now for Transforming Health and Redefining Healthcare based on the science that overwhelmingly supports the efficacy of lifestyle medicine.

Lifestyle Medicine 2018 will feature evidence-based content, tools and resources to aid physicians and allied health professionals in their ability to put lifestyle medicine into action.

Second Latin American Lifestyle Medicine Congress 2018

Date: 6-7th November 2018
Venue: ima Peru at the Los Delfines Hotel

Second Latin American Lifestyle Medicine Congress6-7th November 2018. In Lima Peru at the Los Delfines Hotel. More details to follow!

1st European Lifestyle Medicine Congress

Date: 10 – 11 November 2018
Venue: InterContinental Geneva hotel - Geneva, Switzerland


The goal and primary focus of Lifestyle Medicine is to promote healthier lives through salutary environments and healthier lifestyle choices. Treatment of LRDs includes nutritional, exercise, psychological, behavioral, social and environmental interventions. To do it successfully, education, training and communication about Lifestyle Medicine are required among professionals and public.

The 1st European Lifestyle Medicine Congress intends to bring together the most prestigious European and International professionals with clinical expertise and scientific recognition to facilitate the spread and exchange of evidenced based knowledge, skills and attitudes, between experts, researchers, clinicians and trainees.

Pakistan College of Lifestyle Medicine First Conference

Date: December 2nd, 2018

Asian Society of Lifestyle Medicine Conference 2019

Date: April 21-24, 2019

ASLM 2019 will be held in Seoul​​, Korea
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April 21-24, 2019
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