BSLM 2021 Conference

Theme: Art And Science Of A Healthy Lifespan
Date: September 02-04
Venue: Edinburgh International Conference Centre, United Kingdom

The British Society of Lifestyle Medicine’s (BSLM) fifth annual conference takes place from September 2-4 and brings together leading experts from healthcare and medicine, academia, public health and scientific research.

BSLM annual conference focuses on the core “pillars” of lifestyle medicine including physical activity, nutrition, sleep, stress reduction and mental health, harmful substance reduction or cessation and healthy relationships.

The conference programme will also examine the impact of Covid-19 on those with chronic underlying health conditions.

Other factors impacting on human health also feature on the agenda – including social determinants such as poverty and inequality and also environmental issues including climate change and pollution.

The potential of group consultations – and virtual group consultations during the pandemic – to support patients with chronic conditions will also be explored.

RSLM Conference 2021

Date: September 19-22
Venue: Romania, virtual event

The Romanian Society of Lifestyle Medicine will host its inaugural virtual conference on September 19-22, 2021.

KCLM Virtual Conference 2021

Theme: Foundation and Core Competencies in Lifestyle Medicine
Date: September 25-26
Venue: Korea, virtual event

The Korean College of Lifestyle Medicine will host its 3rd annual conference on September 25-26.

PCLM Virtual Conference 2021

Theme: Lifestyle Medicine for COVID-19 and NCD Care: A Wake Up Call
Date: September 26-28
Venue: Philippines, virtual event

Along with the rest of the world, the Philippines are facing a double burden of disease with COVID-19 affront and non-communicable disease in the background. It is a sobering nudge to take lifestyle intervention more seriously and a wake-up call for all health care providers. During the fifth annual conference, the Philippine College of Lifestyle Medicine addresses how lifestyle modifications can provide tangible solutions to decrease COVID-19 and non-communicable disease mortality. This virtual event will have over 40 sessions by international and local speakers.

CBMEV-Latin American Conference 2021

Date: September 30-October 03
Venue: Brazil, virtual event

 The Brazilian College of Lifestyle Medicine | Colégio Brasileiro de Medicina will host their fourth annual and the first Latin American Council of Lifestyle Medicine congress. The event will allow clinicians, scientists, researchers, health professionals, and patients to meet and work together to find solutions to chronic diseases using lifestyle medicine approaches.

This virtual conference will be available in Spanish and Portuguese.

ACLM 2021 Conference

Theme: Patient Centered. Value Based. Outcome Driven.
Date: November 7-10
Venue: The Gaylord Texan, Grapevine, Texas, US

Lifestyle Medicine American College of Lifestyle Medicine Logo 1

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) annual conference ‘Patient Centered. Value Based. Outcome Driven.’ is designed to educate, equip and empower a galvanized force of conscientious change agents.

The conference will host physicians, allied health professionals, medical residents, healthcare executives, and prominent researchers and leaders in the field of lifestyle medicine. This virtual event will provide attendees with abundant opportunities for networking and will incorporate brand-new experiential elements.

JSLM Conference 2021

Date: November 13-14
Venue: Japan

  The Japanese Society of Lifestyle Medicine will host its annual conference in Japan on November 13-14, 2021.

AMMEV Conference 2021

Theme: The Hero’s Journey in Lifestyle Medicine
Date: November 19-20
Venue: Parque Arboleda, Monterrey, Mexico

The Mexican Association of Lifestyle Medicine (AMMEV) holds its first national conference in Monterrey, Mexico in a beautiful outdoor location in Parque Arboleda.

The event will have various national and international speakers, different activities, and workshops with the purpose to introduce the practice of Lifestyle Medicine as a possibility for controlling the current health crisis faced by Mexico.

The theme this year is The Hero’s Journey in Lifestyle Medicine, which confronts health professionals, society, educational institutions, and political systems with the meaning and relevance of lifestyle habits: nutrition and hydration, exercise and movement, quality of sleep, stress management, interpersonal relationships, and use of harmful substances for the body.

With this, AMMEV wants to ponder the narrative around each of the Lifestyle Medicine pillars and explore what it really means to be healthy and the journey we must take to get there.

ISLM Conference 2021

Theme: Changing Paradigm In Healthcare
Date: November 27-28
Venue: India, virtual event

The Indian Society of Lifestyle Medicine virtual conference “Changing Paradigm In Healthcare” takes place between November 27-28.

SOLONg Conference 2021

Date: December 2-4
Venue: Nigeria, virtual event

The Society of Lifestyle Medicine of Nigeria (SOLONg) virtual conference will be hosted on December 2-4.

PALM Conference 2021

Theme: Lifestyle Medicine—Immunity Enhancement during Covid19
Date: December 3-5
Venue: Pakistan, virtual event

The Pakistan Association of Lifestyle Medicine is organizing their annual virtual conference on 3-2 December, 2021. Theme of the conference is Lifestyle Medicine – Immunity Enhancement during Covid19.

MSLM Conference 2021

Theme: Lifestyle Medicine: Redefining Healthcare
Date: December 4-5
Venue: Malaysia

The Malaysian Society of Lifestyle Medicine virtual conference “Lifestyle Medicine: Redefining Healthcare” will be held on December 4-5.